How to Pick a Party Theme

How to Pick a Party Theme

Having a theme for your party or event adds a level of excitement for your guests. Not only does it make the celebration more fun, but having a theme also helps focus your party planning. Your theme could be anything from a color palate to a favorite movie and there are creative ways to make any theme come to life. Here are some ideas and tips to help you choose your next party theme.


1. A Love or Likeness

One of the easiest ways to choose a theme for your party is by considering what you or the birthday boy/girl likes! For example, I threw my French Bulldog a Cars & Coffee themed party because my family enjoys going to car events.


2. That's Trending!

Is there a new hit TV show or movie that is playing? Whatever the current trend may be, you should consider making it a party theme! Not only would it be exciting for your guests, but a trending theme would also would allow some creativity because there may not have been other parties with that theme done before.


3. 'Tis the Season

What time of year will your party take place? You could choose a season or holiday to inspire your celebration theme! A Winter Wonderland theme would be so magical in the winter months or a Summer Luau could have all your guests doing the hula on the beach. Even more, if your party falls around a holiday consider a theme that may coordinate. A fiesta would be lots of fun to celebrate a birthday in May or an Oktoberfest theme would be perfect in October!


4. Make it Punny!

Everyone loves a good pun! (Or at least I do.) You can get creative and use a play on words to inspire your party theme. A 2nd birthday would be out of this world with a "Two Infinity and Beyond" theme or make your guests rawr for a "3-Rex" dinosaur bash.


5. Vital Venues

You can certainly use your party venue to inspire your theme! For example, if your event is being held at the beach, a luau, under the sea theme, or beach theme would be very fitting. Perhaps if your event is in or near a city, such as New York City, consider throwing a bash themed with skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, taxis, etc.

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