How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog

How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog

In recent years, pet parties have become more common, with celebrations becoming more and more extravagant. Did you know that you can give your dog a fun and Instagram-worthy party, without a hefty price tag? Here is everything you need to consider when starting to plan a birthday celebration for your fur baby. 


1. Choose a Theme

When beginning to party plan, you should choose a theme for your dog’s special day. Your theme could be anything from a color palette to a movie character. Having a clear theme will help you organize your party supplies while also giving guests an idea of what to expect at your event.


2. Choose a Venue

There are several options for where you could host your pet’s party. When choosing your venue, you should consider the number of guests you are inviting and their breed type(s) to help determine the best location. A party with a dozen high-energy French Bulldogs may be best held at a dog park where the pups can run and play, but a group of Chihuahuas may have more fun at a dog-friendly café where they can sit with their owners and enjoy treats among furiends. Wherever you choose to hold your event, you should make sure you understand the rules and guidelines of that location.


3. Set Your Budget and Priorities

Now that you have decided on a theme and a venue, you can set your budget and priorities. What are priorities? Priorities are any “must haves” for your dog’s party. For example, you may really want a cake for your pup, so the cake would become a priority supply. You would then calculate how much a cake would cost (from a dog-friendly bakery or to bake yourself) and deduct it from your budget. Your new total will show you how much you have left in your budget for other supplies after considering your priority/must have items.


4. Invite Your Friends

Let’s get excited! You are on your way to creating a PAW-some celebration for your pup, but now you have to invite your furry friends! With technology and social platforms, there are several ways to spread the word about the party. The most traditional way to invite guests is by mailing or e-sending invitations to select friends who you would like in attendance. Alternatively, you could choose to share the details of your event on you pup’s Instagram account or create a Facebook Event page for the party. If you are part of a dog or breed specific Facebook community, you may also consider sharing or making an Event page within the group.

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